Blast / Impact Product

Solutions for Blast Protection

Real threats to our country’s national security are ever-present. There is a need for added protection from the effects of terrorist acts such as bombings of government and military targets, both domestically and abroad.
M.W. Millman & Associates, Inc. Blast Products represent a full range of fenestration solutions that have been developed and tested to stringent federal performance standards. While primarily for the government and defense sectors, the need for blast mitigation extends to buildings on the periphery of any potential targets including civilian structures and public gathering places that may suffer collateral damage in such an event.

Solutions for Impact Protection

Coastal areas are tough on windows. Hurricane winds and airborne debris have shattering effects. Soaring temperatures in the south and plunging thermometers in the north sap energy dollars.Corrosive, salty air constantly eats away at paint.High humidity warps and rots wooden frames.